Agriculture Rental Platform

Bringing the sharing economy to the agriculture sector

About Hektar 9

At the forefront of innovation in agriculture, I led the UX design efforts for hektar 9, a pioneering startup committed to transforming the industry through the sharing economy model. Hektar 9 empowers farmers by enabling the seamless exchange of farming machinery. This innovative approach enhances their productivity but also cultivates additional income streams for farmers.


At Hektar9, I played a pivotal role in building their online rental platform, a project that required a systematic and user-centric approach. We initiated the project by guiding the product team through an extensive UX strategy workshop, laying the foundation for data architecture and defining the initial user flows. Subsequently, we conducted comprehensive user research to identify specific user requirements.

Based on these insights, we embarked on the visualization process, creating wireframes that evolved iteratively through the application of Lean UX principles. Our work was organized into sprints, allowing us to tackle each feature systematically and refine our designs progressively. This collaborative effort resulted in a user-friendly and efficient online rental platform that met the needs of both farmers and renters.


January 2023 - August 2023


1, Lean UX Strategy Workshop
2. Comprehensive Strategy and Wireframing
3. UI Design Framework Development
4. Prototyping and Iterations
5. End-to-End UI Design
6. High-Fidelity MVP Prototype
7. Design System
8. Documentation



For the work with hektar 9, we decided upon using the Lean UX methodology.  Its collaborative, iterative approach harmonized with the fast-paced startup environment, enabling agile responses to evolving user needs. By prioritizing rapid feedback and iterative design, Lean UX ensured a finely-tuned user experience that aligned with the startup's innovative vision. This approach empowered the team to swiftly adapt and refine the platform, resulting in a user-centric product that resonated effectively with farmers and the sharing economy concept.


During the UX strategy workshop and comprehensive UX research phase, we executed a range of critical research tasks. We utilized tools such as the Lean UX canvas to establish relevant hypotheses, which we then systematically prioritized. User journey mapping and card sorting further refined our insights. Culminating our efforts, we meticulously crafted user flows and developed an information architecture, effectively structuring our findings into actionable outcomes.



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High-Fidelity Designs

The high-fidelity designs for this project are crafted with a distinct emphasis on simplicity and user-friendliness. This approach is particularly tailored to the user group, which may not be extensively familiar with applications in this area.


Throughout this journey, we've harnessed the potential of venturing into a blue market, understanding its allure and the challenges it presents. Navigating this unique landscape meant embracing its potential while staying mindful of potential bumps along the user's journey as they adapt to new technologies. We  recognized the importance of guiding users unfamiliar with this space, embedding simplicity and user-friendliness at the core of our high-fidelity designs. In doing so, we've not only ensured seamless interactions but also fostered user empowerment. This design philosophy bridges the gap between pioneering potential and user-centric reality, ensuring our platform resonates deeply and effectively in a landscape marked by innovation and adaptability.

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