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About Chargylize

Chargylize empowers users to track their driving patterns, facilitating informed choices in the realm of electric vehicles. Central to its purpose, Chargylize champions sustainability, spearheading a shift towards eco-conscious transportation. By harmonizing data-driven insights with the quest for greener mobility, Chargylize embodies a future where sustainable choices drive our journey on the road.


My involvement with Chargylize encompassed a range of tasks across both B2B and B2C products. For the B2B product, I contributed to enhancing the UI design for a seamless experience. Shifting gears to the B2C front, I took the lead in steering the UX design.

Our journey kicked off with a strategic workshop, paving the way for mockups, prototypes, and comprehensive UI design. This journey epitomizes our commitment to translating ideas into user-centric realities, reflecting Chargylize's dedication to sustainable innovation.


September 2022 - ongoing


1. Enhanced UI Design for B2B Product
2. Lead UX Design for B2C Product
3. Comprehensive Strategy Workshop
4. Mockups for B2C Product
5. Dynamic Prototypes for User Testing
6. Complete UI Design for B2C Product
7. User Flows for Enhanced Navigation
8. Design System Implementation
9. Integration of User-Centric Feedback
10. Innovative Solutions to UX Challenges


UX Research

The workshop marked a pivotal moment in our collaboration with the client, setting the stage for the development of their B2C product. Through a comprehensive process that encompassed data mining, architectural planning, user flow mapping, and the creation of detailed user personas, we laid the groundwork for a successful project. This collaborative effort not only informed the product's structure but also ensured it would align seamlessly with user needs and expectations. The workshop served as a beacon, guiding us toward a user-centric, data-driven approach that would define the project's success.


At the core of our journey in crafting the B2C product from the ground up lies a philosophy deeply rooted in transforming complexity into clarity.

Our mission is to take the vast and intricate world of e-mobility data and make it not only understandable but also immensely helpful.

Our primary objective is to be a guiding light for users who are stepping into the realm of e-mobility, demystifying the terminology, deciphering the jargon, and making the entire experience intuitive and insightful. We empower users to navigate the e-mobility landscape with confidence, explaining key terms, KPIs, and nuances along the way.Our philosophy revolves around user empowerment, ensuring that every interaction with our platform leaves users not only with the right e-vehicle choice but also with a deeper understanding of the e-mobility ecosystem.


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High-Fidelity Designs

In the high-fidelity design phase, our vision began to take tangible form. We meticulously transformed wireframes into polished, pixel-perfect interfaces that captivated the eye and enhanced user experiences. Every element, from color schemes to interactive components, was thoughtfully crafted to align with our user-centric philosophy. These designs not only showcased the aesthetic appeal of the B2C product but also its functional prowess. As a result, users were greeted with visually engaging interfaces that seamlessly guided them through the e-mobility landscape, making complex information accessible and empowering informed decisions.


Reflecting on our journey in developing the B2C e-mobility product, several key takeaways emerge. First and foremost, we've learned the paramount importance of user-centric design in simplifying the complexities of e-mobility for a diverse user base. Our commitment to transparency and clarity empowered users to navigate this intricate landscape with confidence. Additionally, entering a blue market brought its own set of challenges and rewards. We harnessed its high potential while addressing potential user-side challenges, ultimately reaping the rewards of pioneering in a transformative industry. Overall, this project showcased the power of thoughtful design, turning intricate data into accessible insights, and illuminating the path towards sustainable, user-centered mobility solutions.

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