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About Swoove

The app empowers users to seamlessly organize and attend events, enhancing engagement & security through intuitive features like buddy systems and QR code scanning.


March 2023 - August 2023


1. Persona Defintions
2. Use Flows
3. User Journey Maps
4. Wireframes and Prototypes
5. Buddy System Workflow
6. QR Code Integration Strategy
7. Real-time Updates Flow
8. Accessibility Design Check


Challenges and

Our mission was to transform campus events through Swoove, a dynamic party/event application. The journey presented several challenges, each fueling our drive to create an outstanding solution:

Safety and Engagement Fusion: Developing a buddy system to ensure attendees' safety while enhancing social interaction at events.

Effortless Event Creation: Crafting an intuitive event creation process that lets users organize gatherings seamlessly.

QR Code Integration: Implementing a QR code system for efficient check-ins, elevating accessibility and security.

Intuitive Navigation: Designing an easy-to-navigate interface, guiding users through event discovery and attendance.

Real-time Updates: Integrating real-time updates to provide users with instant event changes and notifications.

Seamless Communication: Facilitating smooth communication among attendees, enhancing the overall event experience.

User Centered Approach



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Home Screen Experience

The "Home Screen" embodies user-centric simplicity, seamlessly offering key features. Story highlights inspire social engagement, while a consolidated view displays upcoming events for weekends or invitations. This screen unites motivation, planning, and personalized insights, providing a central hub for an enriched event experience.

Event Creation

The "Event Creation" screen exemplifies user-centric design. With a clean and intuitive interface, event organizers can effortlessly set up gatherings, providing essential details like date, time, location, and event theme. Clear calls-to-action guide users through each step, ensuring a seamless process from concept to creation. By streamlining event planning, this screen empowers organizers to engage with their peers while optimizing the event experience.

QR Code Check-In

The "QR Code Check-in"  revolutionises event access. Attendees simply present their smartphones for scanning, granting swift entry to the event. The interface seamlessly blends user-friendliness with technology, featuring a prominent QR code scanner and real-time status updates. This innovation eradicates the need for manual check-ins, ensuring a frictionless start to the event and freeing attendees to focus on enjoyment.

Buddy System

The "Buddy System" screen amplifies safety and camaraderie. Attendees can easily connect with friends or acquaintances, fostering a secure environment at events. The screen features a simple search and invite mechanism, along with personalization options. By integrating the buddy system, Swoove promotes a sense of community and shared experience, making events not only safer but also more enjoyable.


As the UX designer for Swoove, I navigated challenges like harmonizing safety enhancements with engagement features and crafting motivating story highlights. Designing an intuitive interface that seamlessly guided users was a rewarding endeavor, deeply rooted in user-centric principles. These challenges underscored the importance of innovation for engagement, user personas for seamless design, and strategic personalization for heightened anticipation. Through these experiences, I reaffirmed that purposeful design holds the key to transforming campus events, with user-centric approaches and innovative solutions at the core of meaningful outcomes.

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