From Insights to Revenue:
Multiply your product growth

Accelerate your Growth with Behavioral Design

What you'll get

Increased Conversion Rates

Convert visitors into buyers using targeted behavioral triggers that make purchasing irresistible.

Design that
Drives Sales

We make design choices driven by data to deliver clear results that are aligned with goals.

Enhanced User Retention

Keep your users coming back for more with engaging experiences that connect and resonate deeply.

Higher Customer Lifetime Value

See customer value rise with strategies that boost user engagement and increase overall spending.

How i can help you

Behavioral Design in Business:
Accelerate your Growth

Revenue-Focused Design:
Align your product design with your business goals to drive and increase revenue.

User Experience Revolution:
Integrate behavioral insights to create a product users love and can't put down.

Engagement Optimization:
Apply proven strategies to heighten user engagement and retention.

Creating your own App:
From 0 to 1

Turn Ideas Into Action:
From concept to MVP, turn your app idea into a reality with expert guidance.

Build with Confidence:
Leverage our step-by-step process for design, development, and launch.

MVP Made Simple:
Launch a polished product that's primed for user adoption and investor interest.

See what my clients are saying

Our recent UX session with Lisa was a gamechanger for Scripe. Through behavioral design mapping, we gained clarity on user struggles, brainstormed impactful solutions, and learned to prioritize changes effectively.

Lisa's dual perspective as a user and UX expert ensured we're building a product that meets our content creators' needs. Excited to refine our product based on these insights.

Christoph Meise & Eva Egg

Co-Founder & CTO Scripe

Working with Lisa was a pivotal experience for Intimal. Her expertise in Behavioral Design offered specific, actionable insights that significantly refined our user experience strategy.

Lisa's methodical approach not only aligned with our objectives but also brought a level of clarity that propelled our product forward.

Alexis Daniels

CO-Founder Intimal

Behavioral design benefits

Proven Methodologies for Growth

Gain access to proven methodologies and best practices used by successful startups to overcome challenges, break through growth barriers, and achieve sustainable success in competitive markets.

Strategic Roadmap for Success

Receive a step-by-step roadmap tailored to your product's unique needs, guiding you through the process of transforming uncertainty into actionable strategies for growth and improvement.

Human-Centric Solutions

Learn how to prioritize user needs and preferences, enabling you to develop solutions that resonate with your target audience and drive engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Data-Driven Insights

Harness the power of data to gain deep insights into your product's performance, uncovering hidden opportunities and identifying areas for optimization that you may have overlooked.

Expert Guidance and Support

Benefit from personalized guidance and support from experienced mentors who understand the challenges startups face. Receive actionable advice, practical tips, and ongoing support to navigate uncertainty with confidence and clarity.

How it works

Clarity Call

We’ll outline goals, expectations, and ensure we’re the a great perfect fit - to propel your app from concept to reality or elevate your existing product with behavioral design.

Custom Strategy

I'll craft a tailored strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

For new apps, we create a clear path for your MVP. For existing products, we pinpoint behavioral design interventions to enhance UX and drive growth.


Let's put the strategy into action. For the 0 to 1 app, we begin design and build, iterating based on user feedback.
For behavioral design, we apply psychological principles to refine features, flows, and interfaces.

Tools & Systems

We'll Integrate the necessary tools and systems to sustain your product’s growth. Establish metrics for ongoing analysis, ensuring continuous improvement and a scalable future.

Who this is for

This is for you if...

You are driven and have a "get this done" mentality

You want to create an impact

You are passionate about a specific topic & know where is more that could be done

You value strategy & growth and know that it is interconnected with other areas

You are passionate about learning & finding new ways to make things work

This is not for you if...

You want to stick to "how things usually get done"  

You have a fixed mindset of what is a good or bad idea

You just want "a designer" ro create your app idea
for you

You have no idea yet what it is you want to build and how this might benefit the world

The first Skool Behavioral Design Community

Step into our free Skool community for behavioral design enthusiasts and professionals. Gain exclusive access to:

Expert-led discussions on driving user engagement.

Practical strategies to enhance your product’s UX.

A network of peers dedicated to innovation in design

What other founders are saying

Lisa's approach reveals her exceptional professionalism, attention to detail, and client-centered approach. Working with her was an amazing experience - a great listener with immense talent and outstanding soft skills. Always reliable, professional, and driven for growth, Lisa is the perfect addition to any team or personal project. HIGHLY recommended.

Alejandro Lomelin

CEO and Founder of the Good Brand

Lisa put together a stunning homepage for me. Thanks to her know-how, the distance was no problem. The process was organised and uncomplicated. The communication via Zoom and WhatsApp always worked extremly weel. Thank you!

Martin Föger

Founder of Martins Bikeschule

Lisa took on a lot of responsibility and with her enthusiasm, she quickly found her place as an important part of our team. Her positive attitude and happy smile, even under pressure, make her a pleasure to work with. Since then, we have been working together on the user journey, UX and UI of another product from the ground up, and her critical thinking, urge to put herself in the customer's shoes, and ability to take ownership of issues have proven invaluable. She likes to fully understand the product and use that knowledge to improve the UX, and she looks at every project as a new learning opportunity.I'm happy to have her as a friend and colleague and look forward to our future projects together.

Nima Pouya

Business Analyst, IT product Owner at Chargylize

For a while I have wanted my own website for my travel agency. With Lisa, I have found someone who really has captured my love for Norway beautifully in design. The cooperation was absolutly uncomplicated and she also explained the technial background to me so i could clearly understand everything.

Michaela Schütze

Founder of Nordwaerts

Lisa was a real blessing for our non-profit organisation,for which she designs and developed the website. She has an extraordinarily good feeling for both our team and our users (people with dementia and their careers). Especially for the target group, Lisa's distinct ability for clear structure and simple user guidance is an asset. I very much appreciate her ideas for the designs and her reliablity when it comes to agreements, costs and deadlines. Thank you Lisa!

Antje Jones

CEO of Angehörigen-beratung
Nürnberg and Founder of Inflow

As a mobile app founder, I spent months searching for a development team before I connected with you. Finding a team as professional and well-rounded as yours was no easy task. Your expertise in front and back-end development, marketing, and more is truly exceptional. What sets you apart is your generosity with timely updates and your ability to communicate seamlessly in English, Spanish, German, and other languages. I'm thoroughly satisfied with the work you've done and look forward to our continued partnership

Roman Romero

CEO and Founder of Swoove

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